Male dog with TVT on its hind leg

Hi, its JoTong here.

I think it would be good to share more on TVT in strays. This time it happened to a male stray dog that we were feeding.

I still remember it was in 2021 when I first saw this male dog with a big open wound on its hind leg walking past my car. Checking with a nearby guard revealed that there was no accident involving this dog but the wound just got worse. Immediately I requested Uncle Wong’s help to trap him as he was skittish.

After checking by vet, it was confirmed by the vet that it was TVT but on the leg. The vet said TVT tumours are not only limited to the genitalia as is often thought, but it could happen in other parts of the body too.

TVT is a type of cancer that is transmitted through sexual contact with an infected dog. It is most commonly found in unneutered male dogs and can also affect female dogs. The tumuors can grow rapidly and become quite large, causing discomfort and pain for the dog. Chemotherapy is the most effective treatment for TVT, and it usually involves a series of injections given over several weeks.

The dog needed chemotherapy to get better, but couldn’t get it right away because he was underweight. So we fed him and he got his first injection a week later. He finally got better after eight injections.

The dog was released back into the street where he was found. We still continue to feed and look after him. Now, he is not skittish towards us anymore and we can even pat his head. And of course, he was neutered as well.

TVT can easily spread among dogs, so early detection and treatment are crucial to prevent further spread of the disease.

And neutering can decrease the chances of getting it too.

TVT on the leg of a male dog


Getting his 1st chemo injection


Cauliflower-like nodules


Final stage of recovery


Ready to be released back to his original place