Breakfast for everyone!

Today, we achieved 100% raw for breakfast!! Yes, for all of our 18 cats.

The day started with the Porch Cats:

Here’s the trick to starting raw that works for our cats – give them cut-up raw chicken meat. Somehow this works better than the homebased raw food with supplements. Maybe it’s “purer”, I guess. Nothing else added but pure meat.

Creamy ate up the chicken meat! So, he can eat raw, after all!

I did place a teaspoon of Coco&Joe’s on the side of the bowl. Heh, heh… Creamy did not move away or show me his butt, which is good. Remember Heidi walked out of the kitchen? It was a full boycott.

Gerald and Misty had their 100% raw breakfast.

Creamy left out the blob of Coco’s. But did I see him lick it a bit? I thought I did. It was dark, so I’m not sure.

Hiro ate Cubgrub this morning, followed by Coco&Joe’s and canned food, spread over the whole morning.

Cleo ate a mix of Cubgrub and Coco’s.

Cow Mau ate Coco’s.

Tabs ate Coco’s.

Indy was forcefed Coco’s too. If I were to wait for Indy to eat on his own, I’ll grow old and wrinkled (might even die before he decides to eat), so I just forcefeed him. Indy is weird. Forcefeeding him means just putting the food into his mouth. He willingly swallows it. I can feed him in under a minute.

Rey is going to pounce on Tabs to intimidate her. He’s SUCH a pengacau. 

Tabs was so scared, she stopped eating. So I had to change her location.

Rey is trying again. I think I’m just going to lock him in the cage the next time he does this.

Ginger and the Monster ate Coco’s as always.

The Princesses ate Coco’s too.

Samantha ate Coco’s from her box.

Riley was coaxed into eating some cut-up raw meat.

And Primal.

So, it was a 100% raw breakfast for the whole clan!