Riley whacked Hiro

Riley bullied Hiro today and I saw it with my own eyes.

Hiro was just minding his own business on the table next to my computer.

Riley lunged at him, whacked him and tried to pick him up by scruffing him like how a mother-cat picks up a kitten. But Hiro is too heavy to be scruffed like that now.

So I scolded Riley and banished her upstairs with the Princesses (by the way, they are now called the Blondies). My hubby called them the “d..b blondes” which is, of course, jokingly derogatory. But still derogatory. So I changed it to Blondies. “Princesses” is too big a mouthful.

Poor, poor little Hiro.

He was so scared, he ran and hid under the sofa. I grabbed Riley and carted her upstairs to the Blondies’ room.

Don’t worry, Hiro. We will protect you.

Luckily I can trust Tabs. Tabs will never bully anyone. So now, it’s just Tabs and Hiro here in the whole house.

Wait, wait till Hiro gets bigger.

Eat up, Hiro. Eat…!


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