Dog for adoption in the Klang Valley (Pn Tina’s)

If you are able to adopt this dog, Gule Gule, please contact Pn Tina at 019-790-0860. Thank you and kindly help to share this widely.

Dr.Chan, im writing this because i need to seek your kind favour and i hope its not burdensome for you. ??

We are selling our fruit orchard, and apparently the new owner didnt want any dog.

Actually this dog is very special..he is a midget/ kerdil..with his kaki pendek soo cute. His name is Gule gule.

He is friendly. After all he is small/ midget in size and wouldn’t hurt any animals / human☺️ ( he almost look like a hush puppy).

We found Gule dalam longkang / ditch near our orchard when he was only about 2 months old . Maybe he was with his mom but fell into the ditch. With his short legs, we believed he was having difficulty to climb out from the longkang and was left behind.

He is about 2.5 years old now..and love him so much i refuse to send to any shelters that i dont recognise.

I need to ask your kind favour if you have any friends who love to adopt my Gule? Or maybe to get someone that you know and trust that can adopt him? ( through your blog etc)

In islam, we only allowed to have dogs for guarding crops at orchards & hunting companion. Hence, we cant bring him home as its not allowed in our religion and im sure Doctor also aware about this..

He is also not neutered and vaccinated because it is haram/ forbidden in our religion to put dogs in cars or in the house. We can pet them lightly with dry hands, but need to cleanse our hands according to muslim method.

Anyway, anyone who wants to adopt Gule, i will pay for the neuter and vaccination.

We have a few cats in the kebun and he is okay with them.

Allow me to send you some photos of him.?

I hope can get him adopted by kind people and trusted by Dr.chan…??
Thanks very very much in advance, Dr.

Below is a photo of Gule when he was 3-4 months old last time.