For those who are not tolerant of cats coming into their compound

Not everyone is tolerant of the presence of street animals, be it cats, dogs, treeshrews (tupai), civet cats (musang), birds, toads, snails or caterpillars.

One good example is my recent encounter with Cmpl. He absolutely does not want cats going into his compound.

So a good friend has been trying to help me prevent our CNRM-cats from going over to Cmpl’s house.

Here are some ideas that she had found for me, all harmless ways to deter cats from going into a cat-disliker’s compound.


In short, garlic and serai, blended with water, sieve and use the water in a spray bottle.

Oh, my mother has used these bottles of water before, but I don’t think it works. Now, my friend says you must use bottles of red coloured water. Apparently, monkeys and cats dislike the colour red (but I thought cats were colour blind?), but she cautions, beware, the colour read attracts snakes. Oh yikes!!

Well, some swear that it works. My friend said it worked for her friend who put these bottles of red water in front of her shop. It has worked for five years, she says. Oh wow!

But how am I going to, and where am I going to put these bottles? Gerald jumps from the shared wall ledge to Cmpl’s roof or from our roof to their roof.

Oh, I’ve seen bottles being lined up on people’s walls before. NOW I know what they are for! I often wondered why on earth they are displaying their used bottles!

For the record, in case you have not read the series of eight posts I wrote about my encounter with Cmpl, I had already given him three of my cleaning sprays and offered to clean his compound whenever he sees cat excrement or urine. But from the photos he showed, they looked more like treeshew faeces and the scratch marks were clearly musang paw prints, as confirmed by two other neighbours. However, Cmpl still said they were from cats.

2 comments to For those who are not tolerant of cats coming into their compound

  • Mas

    Ultimately, people need to engrave this in their mind.

    “The only place you’ll be alone is in the grave.”

    Even said so, we still don’t know what’s waiting for us in there, especially to those who are intolerant and unkind. 😅

    • chankahyein

      Very true. And all that matters is whatever good we’ve done while we are alive on earth. Once we are dead, we will be forgotten very quickly. And nothing matters anymore, whether it is engraved in stone or marble. Or whatever titles we had received. Nothing matters anymore once we are dead.