Hiro and the Blondies

In an effort to fatten Hiro up so that he can be vaccinated soon, I’m giving him beef chunks. I don’t make it a practice to feed beef to our cats but yes, cats can eat beef as they are obligate carnivores. I’m using it for a purpose here: To help Hiro put on weight and for the rest who are willing to eat it – as a dental treat as it is chewy and as a novel protein because it’s not part of their normal diet.

Tabs, Riley and Hiro love it. The photo above shows Riley eating with Hiro.

Don’t be alarmed, please. This just shows two blobs on Doxy paste and two syringes of anti-histamine for Indra and Akira, four syringes for Vetri DMG for everyone, and two syringes of water to wash the Doxy down after being administered.

Doxy can only be given after food and must be washed down with water to prevent esophagitis.

The Blondies had Cubgrub’s Rabbit today and they loved it!

I had wanted to write earlier about this other thing too, but I kept forgetting. Samantha snatches food from her kittens and not the other way around.

Yes, the mother snatches her kittens’ food from their bowls.

We’ve had several mother-cats now: Pole, Daffodil (the undefeated Mother-of-the-Year award winner), Minnie, Samantha, Misty. I have not seen any other mother-cat snatching her kittens’ food. Samantha is the first!

As for Misty, she is actually afraid of Hiro now.

Pole did not remember she had kittens. Daffodil would have taken a bullet for her kittens. Minnie did come back to check on her kittens every day during the time she was free roaming. Misty brought Hiro to our porch so that we could save Hiro’s life.

That leaves Samantha. It looked like Samantha left her previous litter after three weeks. And she wasn’t very keen on feeding the Blondies either. Indra was neglected and that is why I had to handfeed all of them since Day 3.

So, not every female will have the maternal instinct. Just like humans.

Indra was the youngest and really very tiny when born. Now, she is the heaviest!


As for the toilet training, it is still ongoing. When and if there is more progress, I will write about it!