Plan B was a disaster, proceeded to Plan C and Plan D

Plan B turned out to be quite the disaster.

To train Rey not to go over to Bunny’s Place, I locked him in Ginger’s cage all night. I don’t know if Rey did it or his brothers did it to “free” him, but everything was a mess this morning and there was also the loud noise of metal clangs all night. The cloth cover was on the floor, and everything on top was scattered all over the floor as well. Rey’s cat litter was also all over the floor.

After cleaning that up, I fed them and finally, fed Bunny’s Place residents last. Bunny Place’s residents now include Cow, Indy, Cleo and the Blondies.

I went in, and found that (well, this happened even yesterday) that Cow had sprayed urine all around the big cage where the Blondies spent the night.

I tried to feed Cow and Cleo (Indy has to be handfed anyway) but both were on a hunger strike. Cow and Cleo do not miss breakfast so this was clearly a hunger strike. A protest.

Then I tried to feed the Blondies, but only Samantha and Akira ate a tiny bit. Kai and Indra were on a hunger strike as well and refused to touch their food. None of the Blondies ever miss their breakfast and dinner. Lunch, yes. But they always eat a lot at breakfast and dinner. So this was a no go. And Kai had started sneezing as well. His newly-acquired sneezing was under control and I didn’t have to start him on Doxy, just the anti-histamine. Now, it looks like the stress of the change and being in the cage has cause his sneezing to surface.

Gosh, this Plan B was a bad, bad, bad idea.

My bad, totally.

So I had to quickly do damage control.

My Plan C was to put them all in Bunny’s Room and keep Cow, Cleo and Indy out. At least they won’t be caged and will have the freedom to play. I had already asked my husband to bring down the heavy cat tree before he left for work this morning.

So I force fed Kai and Indra (they were on a hunger strike – I had to force feed so that I could give them their meds), fed everyone their medicines, and proceeded to take them into the room. The hardest to transfer was, of course, Samantha. That took a lot of effort and she IS heavy!

Plan C was in the room. The girls were all very happy and exploring the room.


Cow, Cleo and Indy were NOT. They protested outside the room. Well, how did I know? After you have lived with them for 15-17 years, you just know.

And it wasn’t fair to deprive the Super Seniors of their room. Every moment matters to them, right?

So, even though the girls were happy, Plan C cannot be carried out, even for a few days.

So, what choice was I left with?

Plan D.

Yes, I transferred everyone and everything (but not all at once, as I had to make more than 10 trips up and down the stairs) back to one room upstairs. This time, it is no longer two rooms with the adjoining bathroom. It is only one room with the attached bathroom. The other room is out of bounds so that I will have less space to clean up.

The last thing to go back up was the heavy cat tree. I lugged that up the stairs. Hubby had already gone to work by then.

So, everything went back up and Riley was the happiest of all as she gets to room in and play with them again. The girls were happy and so was Samantha.

Everyone’s happy now and I have an aching back.

I will work on Plan D. I haven’t given up yet.

I now realised that by “toilet training”, Mr Galaxy was referring to training cats to use the toilet bowl. Of course we won’t do this at all. That would be so dangerous.

So I guess the correct term is “litter box training”.

I will look up Mr Galaxy’s tips on litter box training next.

I have not given up.

Any tips from you are extremely appreciated.


2 comments to Plan B was a disaster, proceeded to Plan C and Plan D

  • Jenn

    What my mom taught me was to use soil. Put the soil in the litter box and rub the kitties bum on it.
    It worked in my families.

    • chankahyein

      Excellent idea!! Thank you! That was what I used for Riley, Sam and Misty too. Now, why didn’t I think of that?