Hiro eats a novel protein (Cubgrub’s Duck)

I was rather concerned about Hiro totally and completely eating only beef chunks. He has refused chicken.

So I asked Ms Ong for advice. Ms Ong of Survivor Shelter is a chef and knows a great deal about food.

Ms Ong said beef has a strong odour (in Chinese, it is known as a “fishy odour”) while chicken does not. So maybe Hiro is attracted to the odour. Then Ms Ong said I could try duck as duck also has a strong “fishy odour”. Again, I don’t eat duck so I wouldn’t know.

So when Hiro got up from his long afternoon nap just now, he went over to his favourite blanket on the sofa, next to Jayden.

And I offered him a bowl of Cubgrub’s Duck. I figured I’d better give him a balanced meal instead of duck chunks (which I haven’t bought, anyway).


Hiro is eating it!!

Yum, yum, yum!

This is the first helping. I had to keep changing locations, a total of three different spots for him to continue eating. I haven’t figured out why he needs to keep changing locations. Maybe so that “predators” (like Riley!) won’t target him while he is eating?

And a second helping too!!

The RetroMAD1 is to be given in between meals so Hiro has had one dose this afternoon. I plan to give another one tonight.

From tomorrow onwards, it’s three times a day.