Hiro’s RetroMAD1 has arrived!

Singaporeans are very efficient.

Hiro’s RetroMAD1 has arrived! And I’ve given him a first dose. The recommended treatment is 3 times daily, in between food, for a minimum of 90 days. So we will do that.

This is the box and there are 2 bottles inside. Based on Hiro’s weight now, it will last me for about 7 weeks, but it would be less than this (I hope) because I would want Hiro’s weight to increase. The dosage is according to the weight of the animal (0.3ml per kg per dose).

Hiro has been doing a lot of kneading since a few days ago. I googled to check what is means and it says that the cat is feeling comfortable and relaxed. So, it’s a good thing.

Hiro is still very choosy with food, though. When Jayden had his steamed barramundi, Hiro came to ask for some. So he had some!

Nap time is here, under this little table, on one of Jayden’s comfy cloth books.

Meanwhile, Riley has still been bullying Hiro by pushing him around like an object, so she was banished to Bunny’s Place (sans Rey who was in the cage) for a few hours this morning. Then, I let her back in but she bullied Hiro again, so I had to put her upstairs with the Blondies.