Quail for the Blondies and progress in litter box training

All ready for the Blondies this morning.

The Blondies also had Cubgrub’s Quail as a novel protein today.

I think Kai’s loose stools has stopped after taking the Promax probiotic. That’s a relief!

Akira was too busy playing.

Samantha has also started sneezing despite me giving her Vetri DMG daily.

I’ll try and sneak in the anti-histamine crushed quarter tablet into her food. Samantha, like Cleo, has a golden mouth which I cannot open. Even the vet couldn’t. So pilling her would be totally out of the question. I can probably only syringe in liquids from the side of her mouth, if she allows that.

The litter box training HAS finally made significant progress!!

I haven’t even gone to Plan E to place soil into the litter boxes and I don’t think I need to do that.

Instead, I did this:

I figured they want to do it outside the litter, right? So I placed litter onto one side of the box, leaving the other side “empty”. It worked! Someone pee-ed onto the “empty” part of the box. I’ve already cleaned it up before taking this photo above.

The cardboard at the left side worked. This was the only spot they still liked to pee onto, so after placing the cardboard to block it off they cannot do it there anymore.

There were no other spots in the room, but there were quite a number of urine balls in all of the litter boxes!

Ladies and gentlemen….are we finally making some progress in the pee-poo department?!!


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