The Blondies to the vet’s too – a merry-go-round of mild flu

Along with Hiro, I also took the Blondies to the vet’s yesterday.

I don’t think there was anything very serious with their flu, but since I managed to get an appointment for Hiro, I might as well take all three of them along.

The vet says the three ought to be separated into three different spaces because they are passing the virus from one to another. It’s like a merry-go-round or musical chairs, if you like.

I had thought that since all three already have this mild flu, they could stay together, play together and at least have each other for company. To separate them might create stress as they would miss each other.

But medically speaking, they ought to be separated or else the virus load would still be there in their bodies.

Since they were passing the virus from one to another, the vet increased Indra’s Doxy to another five more days and Akira’s to another seven days. Akira was given two days of anti-inflammatory (Meloxicam suspension) and Kai was given Promax probiotic paste for his mild loose stools.

The short version of it is, the three Blondies are passing their flu virus around to each other. But it is mild.

Indra’s vaccination would have to be postponed until she fully recovers from this merry-go-round of flu.

After coming back from the vet yesterday, I was more concerned about Hiro’s condition and rushing to attend the wake of the relative, so I put the Blondies back in their room and fed them first. I thought I’d separate them later.

The separation would upset my entire litter box training plan which is actually showing slow but steady results now.  But of course health comes first.

But after I got home, I realised that Kai had actually separated herself into the other room without me knowing and she did not pee or poo anywhere in the room (it had no litter box)! Clever girl for segregating herself. And Akira had segregated herself into the bathroom too.

How clever!

This video and photo were taken before we went to the vet’s yesterday.

I hope they all recover fully soon.