Hiro visits Bunny’s Place

Hiro wanted to go out to Bunny’s Place this morning so I let him.

Our Super Seniors were kind to him. But I had to lock Rey in the cage before letting Hiro visit. Rey cannot be trusted.

Hiro watched as the Super Seniors ate their breakfast. I gave him a bowl too, but he just sniffed at it and started pawing. Poor thing. He has no appetite. So force feeding is probably making it worse for him.

I remember reading a transcripted interview with Dr Lisa Pierson. She said never to force feed. If the cat does not want to eat, respect the cat.

I know, I know. But sometimes force feeding saves lives, doesn’t it?

When Tabs was hospitalised years ago with a terrible infection which almost cost her her life, I camped at the vet’s and force fed her for days. That kept her alive. Tabs too had no appetite at all, but the vet said I had to force feed her and I did. But Tabs ate the syringed food willingly. That’s the difference.

Hiro is rejecting food now. I tried using a syringe too. He did not want any. I have already given him Mirtazapine and Nutriplus Gel. He is also on Tramadol for pain relief.

I force fed a tiny bit so that I could give him his medication as Doxy has to be given after food.

Hiro is asleep now.

I am devastated that such a young kitten has to go through so much suffering in life. Why do breeders keep producing new animals? I know it is a business, but it is terribly unethical. There are so many animals for adoption at shelters and from the street. Why do some feeders simply refuse to get their animals neutered? To let a street animal keep reproducing on the street when one can do something to stop the breeding, is totally irresponsible.

To feeders who keep feeding street animals but will not get them neutered, please stop the feeding. Let the animals migrate elsewhere to find food or be looked after by another feeder who does the responsible task of getting them neutered.

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