Little Hiro eats…a little

This afternoon, I made chicken liver soup for Hiro and to my surprise, he drank a little bit of it.

This is so much better than previously where no food could attract him enough to eat it and he would just paw beside the bowl.

I was pleasantly surprised. At least he is drinking something.

(I just realised I forgot to paste the link about Hiro having IMHA on Facebook and Twitter this afternoon and only did it just now. Was very upset and was crying my heart out.)

After that, Hiro slept, but the lightning was really bad and he was very frightened. I tried holding him but that didn’t help. He finally kicked away and went back under the table and sat on Jayden’s soft cloth book.

He later slept here on the sofa, after the rain stopped.
I’ve washed his purple blanket. This brown one is of the exact same material.

Ryan and Jayden were here and Jayden played with him.

After they left, I tried my luck with the chicken liver soup again. I did not expect Hiro to want it anymore as all new foods, he would only eat it once, like the AD.

Hiro drank it!!  Not as much as I would have liked, but something is still better than nothing, right?

He later came into the kitchen and I thought he wanted more food. So I offered various kinds while I steamed some fish for him. He did not want any AD and he also did not want the steamed fish (which he loved two days ago).

Then he went into the blue carrier to rest.

And just now, I simply offered some Coco&Joe’s. Guess what? He ate some!!!!! This is totally unexpected.

I’ll have to think of what to make for Hiro for his next meal. He needs a change of taste all the time.

Moments matter. I will make them count.

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