WinWin’s update this week (Survivor Shelter’s)

Last week, the vet started to decrease the medication for WinWin with hopes that she would continue to improve. The steroids was removed.

This week, WinWin’s blood PCV only increased by 1%, which is not what was hoped, so she is back on steroids again.

But all in, WinWin is doing very well, eating and walking on her own now. Her weight increased to 13kg!

Her recovery has been nothing short of amazing given that she was only given 2 more days to live when she was first diagnosed with IMHA.

We truly appreciate the efforts that Ms Ong is making to take WinWin to the vet every week for treatment, and she also updates me every few days about how WinWin is doing. This is despite Ms Ong having to work two jobs.

Survivor Shelter has to move next year when the landowner takes back the land. Ms Ong is sourcing for another piece of land and also working hard to save money to build a new shelter.