The huge and noisy Indy-Smurfy fight

Ginger and the Monsters get to go over to Bunny’s Place to eat grass every day.

This morning, a huge and very noisy fight broke out between Indy and Smurfy. I was talking on the phone when I heard the scuffle.

By the time I rushed in, Indy and Smurfy were in a body-lock and rolling on the grass. Fur was flying everywhere.

But one cat was running after and following the rolling locked-bodies. This cat was trying to mitigate the fight with a very concerned and worried look on the face.

Who was this cat?

My husband took many guesses and couldn’t get it right.  Can you?

The available cats who could have intervened were: Cow Mau, Cleo, Tabs, Ginger, Minnie, Rey, Robin, Lynx. You have three out of nine guesses. Hubby made five guesses and got them all wrong.

So I took the water hose and sprayed at the locked-bodies.

Did it work?

Not at all.

They were so engrossed and ferocious that nothing worked. I was about to get a towel to cover one cat when the fight finally stopped. I grabbed one tiny face towel which was within reach and covered Indy’s face with it. I kept covering his face as he walked away, but I sensed he was going to attack Smurfy again.

Smurfy ran back to Ginger’s Catio but Indy gave chase, with me covering his face with that small face towel and running after him. It was a ridiculous sight. Almost laughable. Minnie was just sitting on the deck chair watching the entire drama. Hey, that’s your son being chased and attacked, aren’t you going to do anything about it? Nope, she just watched nonchalantly.

But anyway, guess what? The face towel actually worked and Indy finally stopped when Smurfy jumped up the platforms. I was so sure Indy would also follow suit and I’d be useless then.

Luckily Indy did not follow up the platforms. I waited until he was calmer then I carried him with the small face towel as the only protection I had for my hands, back to Bunny’s Place.

What an event!

Indy was drenched because of the water hose. So I quickly dried him with the face towel. I don’t see any injuries on him.

Smurfy (the one on the right with wet fur) with Rey for support.

I think Smurfy is fine too.

So, have you made your three guesses as to who intervened with a worried face to try to stop the fight?

Here’s……..our hero!!

Or should I say, heroine!!


This should go into Ripley’s Believe it or Not!

2 comments to The huge and noisy Indy-Smurfy fight

  • Mas

    Well done Tabs.

    Dr Chan, i always use penyodok sampah to stop cat fight. Yg sodok tu can use to cover one cat from seeing the other one. Usually i cover yg the alpha. So give time for the other to run to higher place or not be seen.

    My cats if bergaduh, tak jalan sgt if use air. Haha

    • chankahyein

      Haha…ok! Penyodok sampah it is then! Thanks!

      Yes, water simply doesn’t work at all. And they get all drenched also.