Missing Hiro

It has been a few very busy days since Hiro passed on, with various people writing to ask for help. In the midst of all the busyness, I still think of Hiro very often and he is deeply missed.

I bought this for the Blondies because initially they did not have a cat tree. But the moment I brought it back home and started unpacking it, Hiro rushed towards it so happily, so I gave it to him. The Blondies later had one of the cat trees upstairs.

But Hiro never really played with it. Maybe the FIV was already incubating in his tiny body and doing havoc without us knowing. He must have gone down slowly initially. So slow that we didn’t even notice anything. Nothing suspicious showed up when I took him for deworming.

Tabs ended up using his cat tree for the cushioned base. It is hers now.

There are still the beef chunks that I rushed out to buy for Hiro the night when he suddenly started eating a lot. He loved these beef chunks. I have to use them up soon.

There is the spot in the kitchen where he spent his last day, inside the carrier.

There is the red flannel blanket I had sewn for him when he first came, and Jayden’s cloth book which served as his bed. The cloth book was still at the same spot where he loved to sleep on, beside my computer table, beside me. I’ve since put it back among Jayden’s other books now.

There is a need to move on with life. We cannot live in the past. It will not do anyone any good.

Ever since Hiro left us, I have been seeing small tufts of his fur turning up here and there, very often. It is his fur, definitely, because it is soft and black-grey. Hiro was a medium-length haired kitten.

There is so much we do not know about life.

I am not a superstitious person and I prefer to subscribe to science for explanations about life. I am neither religious nor spiritual anymore (I used to be, but am not anymore now) though I respect whatever beliefs one professes as long as they do no harm to others. Better still, if their beliefs bring good to the world.

But science has its limitations and where science ends, at the fringes where uncertainty exists, philosophy begins.

Maybe the tufts of hair had missed our vacuum cleaner earlier. Cat hair has a sneaky way of doing that, doesn’t it? But I have been seeing these tufts of hair every now and then. Often enough. It always turns up on the floor or on a stool whenever I come home from somewhere.

It will always be one tuft each time.

I miss Hiro.







One response to “Missing Hiro”

  1. Mas

    Eventhough we love all of them, surely there will be some death that hit us more than others.