Neutering aid for 2 dogs in Semenyih (Survivor Shelter)

This is an aid for Sponsored Animals in selected shelters.

Survivor Shelter is currently the only shelter on our Sponsored Animals in selected shelters list. This means we will help with the neutering of their shelter dogs.

We have provided an aid of RM400 for the neutering of these 2 female dogs, Peace and Bell. Ms Jasmine Ee has gifted another RM100 to help in the expenses incurred.

The story of Peace and Bell is a rather unexpected one. Their mother-dog, LenLen had been sent for “spaying” at a vet but after sometime, she got pregnant at the shelter and gave birth to 5 puppies. How did a supposedly “spayed” dog still get pregnant and give birth? We have asked vets and the conclusion is: The mother-dog, Lenlen, was not spayed.

Please scroll down and read the story in Ms Ong’s own words below.

According to Ms Ong, she informed the vet and the vet checked her records twice and claimed that LenLen had already been spayed. But since she still got pregnant, the vet asked Ms Ong to take her back for a second spaying. But Ms Ong didn’t want to subject poor LenLen to another surgery again and one bad experience was enough, so LenLen was not sent back. Ms Ong had been keeping LenLen and her 3 female puppies in a separate enclosure. So now, 2 of her female puppies have been spayed. There is still one more and we have urged Ms Ong to please get this female puppy spayed as soon as she can find transport. LenLen is already 10 years old now, so Ms Ong does not want to subject her to a spaying surgery at this age.

The problem for Ms Ong is that her car is too broken down to travel on the gravel road into the shelter to ferry the dogs. Also, as we have written many times, Ms Ong is working two jobs now to save money for her new shelter when she has to move next year. The landowner is taking back the land and putting it up for sale.