The Blondies litter box training goes back to square one

These three photos were taken this morning when I thought the litter box situation was “pretty good”.

I did not take anymore photos this evening. Read on and you’ll know why…

Ever since letting them out of the rooms where they have total access to the entire house (except Bunny’s Place), I think the flu situation improved by leaps and bounds. I’d guessed as much, because there’s more space for everyone, so that would reduce the chances of the flu virus circulating amongst them like a merry-g0-round.

However….also as I had expected, the litter box training took a step backwards.

On the first day of freedom, all was well and I was so happy. Everyone pee-ed and pooped in the litter boxes despite having the freedom of playing all over the house. I thought it was so good. Success at last?

But this morning, I discovered someone had pee-ed behind the door.

So I blocked it temporarily first. I didn’t have time to do a more thorough blockage.

Then I discovered two kittens had pee-ed and pooped in the two corners of the family hall.

But by this evening, oh my goodness….

The Blondies had again pee-ed at the corners of the family hall as well as our master bedroom. Four pee spots in our master bedroom!!

They just LOVE to pee on the tiled floor, don’t they?

Hello Blondies!! You cannot scratch on the hard tiled floor, so why on earth do you insist on peeing on the tiled floor? Doesn’t it go against your feline instincts??

By the time I finished cleaning up all the new pee spots, my back felt like it was going to break. Remember I cannot squat due to osteoarthritis in my knees? So cleaning pee and poo from the floor means bending from my waist and that can really take a toll on one’s back.

So I decided to hunt down each Blondie kitten and carried them back to the room. Samantha kind of caught my drift and went back with them. She didn’t dare hiss at me this time.

So now, everyone is back in one room with an attached bathroom.

Training will start…all over again, from square one.

Right now, I’m too tired to think of what else to do, but given some time, maybe I’ll think of something else….

Just too tired right now.