Unplanned Acquisition: The Story of How H*tl*r The Cat Came into My Life

Hello, it’s Mas here.

Most of the times, cats come into our lives in unexpected ways. This is the story of how ‘H*tl*er The Cat’ came into my life. Her name is H*tl*r (can’t type in full). Got that name mainly because of her misai kontot and her stern personality with other cats.

Strategic reading in an attempt to rule the world, ‘Get People To Do What You Want’.

The story of how we got her is, it was actually quite unplanned. Back in 2015, I sent all my cats for boarding due to major house renovation works. Around 20+ of them.

She’s not afraid of showing her discontent when I decide to pet other cats

After 2++ months, brought them back. Because we did visit them often during boarding, even had done a headcount a day before, I just brought them out and headed home. When we reached home, there were 2 other cats which were not actually mine. Called up the boarding place (which is also one of our regular vets).

The staff said all the cats left in the boarding place were mine. But I was so sure 2 of them weren’t. Cut the story short, the next day the vet called.

Yes, she said those 2 cats were not mine. They were dumped in front of their clinic, 1 month earlier, with their kittens. Got checked out and they are healthy. Have been trying to put them for adoption, with no success. All their kittens were adopted.

She apologized because the staff thought they were also mine.

Then I also realized, it was not their regular staff who helped me during the checkout. None of the usual staff nor vet was there because it was their off day and I checked them out a bit earlier than planned. The renovation had completed early so I wanted to bring them back home as soon as possible.

She (the vet) then asked if I could help to send the 2 cats back to their place.

“It’s OK”, I said. “Just want to make sure that it’s not other people’s cats.”

The rest, you might have guessed it, yes they are both still with me today, almost 8 years later.

She’ll be here behind my room’s door every morning, for the sun.

Will share story about Kak Top (the other one) later in the blog.

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