Updates on Fate from Survivor Shelter

These updates are paraphrased from the voicemails in Cantonese sent to me by Ms Ong.

Fate is doing well. The flu symptoms are all gone now. She is eating very well. But she is itching all over. So I gave Ms Ong some virgin coconut oil for the mange. Maybe the mange has spread to other parts of the body through contact?

Ms Ong says Fate has been obediently eating her medicines without problems. And after playing, she goes back to her cage to rest. How good is that, right?

Ms Ong is looking after Fate in her own apartment. There are no other animals here. This apartment is let out by Ms Ong’s friend to help her out.

Fate loves Recovery so Ms Ong is buying more for her.

Back to the cage to rest. On her own.

The litter box training isn’t going too well, though. Fate didn’t like the cat litter. Well, so what’s new, right?  Haha…I told Ms Ong she could try shredded newspapers or even soil.

But truly, who am I to advise when it comes to litter box training!!