The Blondies and their protectors

They are still not eating as much as they used to upstairs, but it’s okay. Samantha eats separately. I don’t know why. It must be a calico thing.

Cow Mau actually eats with the Blondies, but here, he is eating up Indy’s baby food.

Today, all three poo-ed on the tiled floor. And two of them pee-ed in the big blue litter box which is without litter. They seem to prefer a plastic box without litter. But without litter means I would have to clean it very often.


Ever since the Blondies came to join Bunny’s Place, Cow and Indy (our warriors) launched a full-scale offensive against the Monsters. It is no holds barred now. No more giving face, either. We had to put up these black barricades or there will be a constant war cry offensive. This was unexpected, though. Maybe Cow and Indy see it as their duty as the longtime residents and seniors, to protect the Blondies.

Cleo is not bothered, though. Nothing has ruffled her. Nor does she see a need to make any changes in her lifestyle. At all.

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