Updates on Fate, Milky and Cash (from Survivor Shelter)

Here are some updates from Ms Ong.

Two of our readers have specially contributed donations to help Fate, WinWin, Milky and Cash. They are Ms Chu (RM800) and Mr Ong (RM200 – gifted directly to Ms Ong but she has banked in the money to our Fund).


Fate is eating well and behaving like a total angel, according to Ms Ong.

Milky and Cash

Milky and Cash had their blood test done (ear-prick) and it was found that their blood count had dropped a further 10% from before. Ms Ong’s plan is to cook more appetizing food and bring it to them at the clinic. Yesterday, she bought fried chicken for them.

We aren’t exactly clear as to what is wrong with the two dogs except that Cash had hookworms. But according to Ms Ong, she said both have had a history of tick fever years ago, so it is taking a toll on them now.

We hope Milky and Cash recover soon. Be strong, doggies and eat well!