Kudos to MPSepang for their Taman Kucing in Cyberjaya initiative!

Everyone had been wondering whose initiative it was when the news about Taman Kucing Cyberjaya first came out.

Well, now we know.

It is the initiative for Majlis Perbandaran Sepang.

Read all about it: https://www.thestar.com.my/metro/metro-news/2023/05/05/stray-cats-getsecond-chance

An excerpt, please note the part in bold:

Abd Hamid said Taman Kucing had been well-received by the public, with over 30 visitors every Sunday since it started operations.

However, he warned the public against dumping or surrendering cats or kittens in the compound, adding that there had already been three cases of cat dumping thus far.

He emphasised that the shelter was only for cats brought in by local council staff, specifically from operations by MPSepang’s Health Department.

“Usually the cats are picked up during operations in areas such as markets and food courts, where hygiene and food safety are a priority.

“Leaving cats in such places will encourage breeding and result in more strays, creating a bigger problem for us to manage them,” he elaborated.

If it is only for the cats rounded up during their operations, it is still much better than the previous method of catch-and-kill. At least the cats can be rehabilitated, neutered, vaccinated and put up for adoption. 

Thank you for your kind initiative, MPSepang!

We hope other local councils will follow suit and perhaps consider a centre for dogs too. The news report says another local council is planning a set-up too. Let’s wait and see.