Muslim dog lovers have no qualms about keeping dogs as pets

The news report:

An excerpt:

For Muslim veterinarian Dr Salehatul Khuzaimah Mohamad Ali who has been treating all kinds of animals – including dogs and pigs without prejudice – the stigma of touching dogs among Muslims is somehow quite unique in Malaysia compared to other countries for this could stem from few Islamic legal ‘traditions’ which have developed several injunctions against any contact with dogs.

Another excerpt:

 In the Mosque of the Prophet in Medina, the second holiest site in the world for Muslims after the Kaaba, dogs were regularly seen frolicking about during the prophet’s life and for centuries after as well.

Fast forward to modern day Malaysia, Muslims who keep dogs as pets are often faced with societal backlash as the animal is perceived to be “dirty, impure and sometimes even evil”.

“We used to have a dog as a pet but we were ostracised so much by our extended families that we had to give up our beautiful dog to someone else,” lamented Saiful Bahri Hasan Basri of Klang.

The 59-year-old company director gave up his dog “with a heavy heart” after they found a dog-loving family.

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