The Blondies’ morning

I’ll start with last night.

This is good. Cow Mau and Cleo still have their bed. The Blondies have not tried to wrestle it from them.

But they have taken Indy’s cage and I’m doing something about it. It just needs a bit of time.

This morning’s breakfast. The Blondies are eating more now.

Poor Indy only has this old shoe rack for now. But plans are underway.

Gerald on his kacau-rounds.

Litter box training-wise, well, please see for yourself. Poop in the red box and two urine spots in the large blue one. However, Akira and Indra were lining up behind me. They know I will take away the box to clean and that’s when they will quickly pee and poo on the tiled floor. That’s just their preference. They love to scratch on tiled floors.

That’s one of the Blondies’ poop, but the urine isn’t theirs. This is a permanent feature by Cow Mau. It has been his way of marking territory for years now. Bunny’s used to be pee spray under the bed last time. Both are/were alphas. That’s beyond my control.

Playing in the garden.

That’s Misty on the plastic roof.

Gerald, the pengacau.

I gave Indy back his penthouse but he doesn’t want it since the Blondies have taken over possession of it.

Gerald and Misty – are they happier outside or do they want to come in?

Riley lying on the medicinal grass which we call Heidi’s Grass since she was the one who discovered it at the park.

Cow Mau is very happy at this spot.

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