Updates on Fate, Milky and Cash (from Survivor Shelter)

Ms Ong has the following updates:


Fate is doing very well. The coconut oil that I gave to Ms Ong seems to be helping very much with the mange. According to Ms Ong, Fate has recovered from her flu now.

Cash and Milky

Ms Ong continues to bring cooked food for Cash and Milky every morning. Due to a few reasons, Ms Ong is no longer working at the eatery so she is free in the mornings for now. But she is looking for another stall to open in the day time as she still needs two jobs.

Cash is doing slightly better than Milky. According to Ms Ong, both dogs appear to may have IMHA too. The vet has suggested that Ms Ong takes Milky home as there is nothing more they can do at the clinic for him. This is sad news. The vet also has given Milky another “two weeks” of life. His blood count is quite poor and his kidneys are failing too.

Now Ms Ong is trying to work out the logistics so that she can take Milky home and also find another vet who might be able to treat Milky or at least make Milky more comfortable.