Updates on Fate, Milky and Cash (from Survivor Shelter)

Here are today’s updates from Ms Ong:


Mischievous, cheeky and totally adorable AND having some problems with litter box training! According to Ms Ong, she poops in the litter box but pees elsewhere, like on Ms Ong’s bed. When she is found out, she runs and hides!

Milky and Cash 

Cash’s blood PCV is 30% today but according to Ms Ong, something does not seem right with Cash. She isn’t eating as much as she should.

Poor Milky isn’t doing well at all. His kidneys have failed and he has IMHA. I’ve asked Ms Ong to ask her vet if Milky can be given transdermal Mirtazapine to stimulate his appetite. The vet said she would try it today.

We urged repeatedly urged Ms Ong to perhaps seek a second opinion for both dogs. However, the problem is that Ms Ong needs the boarding for the dogs and many vet clinics do not do boarding nowadays. Ms Ong also needs a nearby clinic because of her transport problem. If she enlists help for transport, the charges are very high. These are the constraints that she faces.

We ask for your kind thoughts for Milky. May he be as comfortable as he can be. Thank you.

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