A declaration by Akira and Indra

I received this epistle from two kittens today:

Okay, message received. Akira and Indra have decided that although they were born in a bedroom in a house, they want to be raw cats.

There were two litter boxes here, but they still did it outside both litter boxes, so I’m placing two food bowls here. Just trying my luck.

Blocking this favourite pee-poo spot with the tunnel. Again, just trying my luck.

This blue box has become Kai’s litter box. She has been litter-box compliant since upstairs. It’s Akira and Indra who are not.

Oh well…one out of three. 33.3% success rate. Still an “F”, but never mind. We win some, we lose some.

But I haven’t given up. I am still giving them time. Haha…descended from tigers! Which tiger would pee in a box?

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