Uncle Lee with his 12 dogs in his factory-converted shelter

Our TagTeam member, JoTong, visited Uncle Lee at his factory-converted shelter this evening.

This shelter has 12 dogs. The other 29 dogs are in his home-converted shelter.

Uncle Lee actually just had an eye procedure done a few days ago, and here he is, back in action.

Recently, he also rescued 4 young dogs. These 4 dogs were found loitering outside this factory but were being bullied by other stray dogs in the area. So Uncle Lee fed them and they followed him back to the factory. He kept them for a few days and has now rehomed them to a friend’s durian orchard in Bahau. The friend has agreed to neuter these 4 dogs (2 females and 2 males). As always, our neutering aid is available should the friend wish to apply.

There is no water supply or electricity at this abandoned factory. So Uncle Lee ferries water daily for the 12 dogs here.

Kudos to Uncle Lee for his compassion and dedication to these dogs.

Thank you very much, JoTong, for the visit and the photos and videos.