Work goes on for Ms Ong at Survivor Shelter (deworming with Prazitel today)

Ms Ong informed me about Milky’s passing when she arrived at her shelter today.

Despite her sadness, she continued doing what she went there to do – to deworm all her dogs with the dewormers sponsored by Jasmine Ee, Ms Chu, Avant Pet and NandaLeonie Hong. We managed to purchase the 200 tablets at a good price for her dogs. These tablets are sufficient for two rounds of deworming. We have suggested that Ms Ong deworms her dogs every 6 months.

Please scroll all the way down for a new dog at the shelter. The dog is up for adoption.

This is Milky’s mother.

This is Fei Chai, he’s the oldest at the shelter now. Fei Chai is 13 years old.

This is Bright. She is a young dog rescued by Ms Ong’s friend. According to Ms Ong, the friend wanted to have Bright put down, so Ms Ong offered Bright a space at her shelter to give her a chance of being rehomed. Bright is healthy and has already been spayed, dewormed and vaccinated. If you are interested in adopting Bright, please contact Ms Ong directly at

Ms Ong is very devastated by Milky’s passing, especially when Bernard also passed away quite recently of old age. Two losses in a short time. We understand and empathise with how she feels. No matter how many deaths you have gone through, the next one does not make it any easier at all. Every furry friend is unique and precious.







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  1. May Milky & Bernard have good rebirths.