Medical aid for 1 cat in Shah Alam (Survivor Shelter) – Fate

This is a Sponsored Animals in selected shelters initiative.

We have provided a full sponsorship of RM197.50 for Fate’s medical treatment and check-up today. This sponsorship comes from: Ms Chu (RM100) and AnimalCare donors (RM97.50).

According to Ms Ong, Fate is doing well except that the vet detected an ulcer in the mouth and Doxycycline has been given for that. Fate’s blood PCV is slightly lower and an iron supplement has been given for that too. Because of this slightly lower PCV, her vaccination has been delayed until 2 weeks’ time. Fate’s ears were also dirty so the vet cleaned them. Fate was given Revolution spot-on too. Good news – the mange has completely healed now!

Since Survivor Shelter only has dogs, Fate lives in Ms Ong’s apartment with her in Shah Alam. This apartment is a goodwill offer from Ms Ong’s kind friend, at a reduced rental of RM500 per month.