Updates on Cash (from Survivor Shelter)

Ms Ong discharged Cash from the clinic and took her to another vet today.

Based on what Ms Ong has told me and the photos she sent, this is what I understand:

Cash has a seriously low albumin level, so the most important thing now is to make her eat. She has to eat regularly, ie. every two hours. Ms Ong is boarding Cash at the clinic and this means that she would have to personally feed Cash every two hours at the clinic (10am, 12noon, 2pm, 4pm and the vet will try after that). There are also other medicines prescribed.

Cash is also having watery stools and this also must be addressed.

The vet recommended that Cash be given a variety of meats every 2 hourly to entice her to eat. The most important thing now is that Cash must gain weight.

I do not have further information except for the above. And initially the vet recommended euthanasia, which Ms Ong refused. This probably means that Cash’s condition is actually very serious.

Luckily, Ms Ong discharged Cash and took her to a different vet today. At least something can still be done to give Cash a chance at life.