Training Riley

Again, I should be focusing on Riley now that everything’s settled at Bunny’s Place for the Blondies.

Riley’s issue is she cannot eat properly in the kitchen. She used to have to go upstairs to eat, but she won’t eat instantly.  I would have to leave the bowl there and honestly, with so much to do, sometimes I forget to check and the food goes back if not eaten after 4 hours.

So, I’ve been trying to coax her to eat in the kitchen with Tabs but it’s been almost impossible until this morning…

This morning, I gave her Cubgrub plus Primal nuggets. She ate. And she asked again and again and she ended up eating four helpings. I consider this a great success.

Normally, to save time, I only give Primal in water. It works too, but I want her to eat Coco&Joe’s and Cubgrub too. So, Cubgrub worked today.


Tabs is our only cat who has permanent residence status in all the zones – she lives primarily upstairs and downstairs, she is welcome in Bunny’s Place, she can even go out to Ginger’s Catio (under supervision) and she almost never escapes to the porch. What a good cat!

The other day, Tabs tried (again) to mitigate a fight between Indy and a Monster.