How we can help cows to be liberated from slaughterhouses and other reflections

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We know that our readers are animal lovers, and we know you would like to help animals as much as you can.

I first learnt about cow liberation 14 years ago when I went to the Sri Jayanti Temple in Sentul to ask for Chief Rev Saranankara’s blessings and advice about starting AnimalCare. Chief Rev is the founder of the Maha Karuna Buddhist Society that carries out a lot of charities and they have this Cow Liberation Charity whereby donations are sought to buy up (liberate) cows from slaughterhouses in Sri Lanka and these cows are rehomed (gifted) to poor families in remote areas to assist these families in agricultural work. In this way, the cows get to live on in families that value them and will look after them. They are rescued from slaughter.

The Cow Liberation Charity is ongoing every year.

If you would like to know more about it, there is further information here and below.

A video:

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In between 19 February to 22 February 2023, a total of 136 cows were liberated in Sri Lanka under the Cow Liberation program organised by Maha Karuna Buddhist Society.

The following photos are shared by my friend, Billy Tan:

Donations can be in any amounts and need not be in multiples of RM2800. Chief Rev personally oversees this project and the society reports what is done on its social media platforms.

By the same token, anyone who is interested to liberate animals bound for slaughter can also rescue chickens, ducks, goats and many others from slaughterhouses and marketplaces. I know of a group of friends who rescues insects from pet stores too and frees them in the jungle, their natural habitat. But in releasing animals, please ensure we are transferring them to a habitat that they can survive and hopefully thrive in.

Compassionate acts should always be carried out with wisdom. If you are donating money, ensure the charity is a responsible and accountable one and there is follow-up reports on how your donation has been used. If you are helping animals directly, ensure the animal is better off after your compassionate act has been carried out.

Releasing birds and fish during certain festivals has proven to be not a wise act because unscrupulous traders abuse the good intentions and ignorance of certain communities and take advantage of this to gain profits by purposely trapping these poor animals and even re-trapping them after the ritual has been performed. Releasing fish into the wrong water system (saltwater or freshwater) can cause them to die a horrible death. In general, releasing animals into water systems is very tricky as it may cause ecological imbalances and harm to other animals. Hence, it is prudent to always educate ourselves and be wise.