Updates on Cash (from Survivor Shelter)

Updates from Ms Ong:

Ms Ong has been shuttling to and from her cafe to the clinic so that she can attend to Cash’s needs every 2 hours. Her sessions are at 10am, 12noon, 2pm and if possible, 4pm.  The 4pm session is tricky as her burger stall opens at about 3.30pm. But Ms Ong’s preparation starts at dawn with the purchasing of the meat, then marinating and pre-cooking it, and she also has to carry water to her stall every day. It’s very hard work.

Today, the vet asked Ms Ong to take Cash out for a walk to get some sunshine. Indeed, the sun is always very healing for all living beings.

Ms Ong says Cash could only walk a bit as she tires easily.

Cash’s faeces is slowly hardening up now. From totally watery, it is now soft. But when Ms Ong took her out to the sun today, there was a bit of watery faeces again, though according to Ms Ong, it did not look so bad.

We are all rooting for you, Cash!

Get well soon.

This is yet another reminder to all of us when we take our animals to the vet’s. If the vet seems unsure of what to do, that is the clear indication that we should change vets.