Goodbye, Cash

Ms Ong had already expected the worst this morning when she visited Cash. Cash was unresponsive, could not lift up her head and refused to eat. Ms Ong still tried to feed Cash and even took her out on a walk, but she had watery diarrhoea, which was not a good sign at all.

When Ms Ong told me about it, I urged her to be strong. She has done her best for Cash, even transferring her from the first vet to this second one and we saw some progress at the start, which was so encouraging.

But we must remember that when this vet examined Cash, the prognosis was already very, very grave and Cash was already “going to die”. Immediate measures and treatment were given to try to save Cash and we thank the vet very much for his efforts.

Ms Ong visited cash 3-4 times daily to feed her small meals in 2-hourly intervals. This was despite her hectic work schedule. I personally know how difficult and challenging it was for Ms Ong as she was in constant communication with me throughout these days.

As promised, we will help Ms Ong with the bills for Cash. It does not matter that the efforts failed to save Cash. What matters is that concerted efforts were done to try to help her, and she did have a few good days where she ate well. It was only the final 12 hours where she went down.

Ms Ong is devastated. This is only a natural response. We share her grief as we too went through this journey with Cash and Ms Ong, supporting them all the way, rooting for them.

This is this morning’s photo of Cash, taken by Ms Ong:

You fought hard all the way, Cash. You had a good life where you were loved and cared for. We will remember you, Cash.

From stardust to stardust until the next Big Bang, Goodbye Cash.

To Ms Ong, all of us know how much you cared for Cash, all your dogs and Fate (the little kitten). You are an exemplary and extraordinary shelter operator. We know you will grieve, so please know that we are grieving with you too. In time, you will remember the sweet memories. But for now, you must grieve as it human nature to do so. We stand by you.

You have to be strong to take care of all your 46 dogs and Fate too. They depend on you. So, please take good care of yourself too.



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