The Blondies go up, up and up!!

Early this morning, Riley went up to explore the platforms.

Followed by Kai.

Indy loves his new platforms so much I think he has not left them at all since yesterday. Maybe except to pee and poo. Every time I went in to check, he was on the platforms.

After yesterday’s fall, Kai seems totally okay. She fell from the water pipe because it is round.

You really love these platforms, don’t you, Indy?

I had to feed him here too. He won’t budge from it.

The Monsters came over and immediately went up the platforms on the wall. It was chicken feed to them since they are so used to their own platforms at Ginger’s Catio.

Kai and Akira went all the way up. I thought Samantha would too, but she did not.

Well, not only the kittens were interested…haha.

Misty and Gerald came to join in the excitement, but declared that they are higher!

The Monsters were clearly protesting that they did not have new platforms to play on. So they got to come over again.

The Blondies are going up now.

Up, up and up…!!

But we are higher still!

All three have reached the highest platform now!!

There are lots of dragonflies flitting to and fro just above the plastic roof so the kittens are attracted to them.

It’s a beautiful morning!