Gerald, the most loyal bodyguard

Whenever I go for a walk in my neighbourhood, Gerald comes with me. Misty follows Gerald, so can we say Misty comes along too?

Today, I took Jayden to the park and both Gerald and Misty were with us. Then, Jia-Wen came with Ryan, so Gerald had more duties – to look after everyone!

Ryan wanted me to go down the slide with him, so I had to squeeze myself into the children’s slide. That’s when Gerald got really worried as I had “disappeared” all of a sudden.

So, what did Gerald do?

He came down the slide right after me!!  Have you ever seen a cat come down a slide? Well, Gerald walked down. He did not slide down!

This is the type of loyalty that no money can buy! Too bad we didn’t get a photo.

But here are some other photos:

This is our hero for the day!

Wherever I went, Gerald was right behind me.

You don’t need to train a cat. You don’t even need rewards or treats to make a cat do things. In the first place, WHO can make a cat do things, right? Cats are not dogs!

Ah, the innocence of childhood!

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