What? No caning for boy who set dog on fire??

This is the news: https://www.thevibes.com/articles/news/93106/no-caning-for-teen-who-set-dog-on-fire-after-high-court-reverses-ruling

These are the facts we know:

The boy deliberately set fire to the poor dog. It definitely wasn’t accidental.

From the article, it seems that two sentences could not be given to this offence and that’s what the sessions court did earlier. So now, another judge has to remove one of the sentences and the caning with a light cane was removed. So it’s just a one year good behaviour bond with the surety?  That’s it for setting fire to a dog???

We have no words to describe how we feel about this. This is preposterous.

WHAT ON EARTH is going on with Malaysian justice???

Another report: https://www.channelnewsasia.com/asia/teenager-who-set-dog-fire-johor-eludes-public-caning-after-high-court-overturns-sentence-3504091