Medical aid for 1 dog in Semenyih (Survivor Shelter’s) – the final bills for Cash

This is a Sponsored Animals in selected shelters initiative.

The aid is for the last two bills for Cash’s treatment at two different vets.

Cash was boarded for 2 weeks at the first vet. The bill came up to a total of RM1100 inclusive of the RM300 deposit already paid (we sponsored the deposit in full on 2nd May 2023 ( So there is a balance of RM800 at this clinic.

The bill is not fully itemised so we had to ask Ms Ong to get more information from the vet as to what medication was given to Cash.

These are the details (pasted as received, except for my capitalisation of names of medication but I could not figure out what “im” means):

RM 200 IV drip
RM 150 Baytril sq 4days Prednisolone im 2 days
RM35 Metronidazole 200mg, deworm, Baytril 50mg, Prednisolone 5mg PO

Even though we are paying for the bills, Ms Ong is the client and we fully respect doctor-client privilege and confidentiality, so whatever we publish here is whatever information Ms Ong could give us. We only liaise with Ms Ong.

Cash was discharged from this first clinic on 15th May 2023 as her condition was deteriorating badly. She was then taken to another clinic where concerted efforts were done to try and save her life but the prognosis was already very, very grave by then. Cash improved a little as she responded to the treatment in this second clinic and was able to eat again. But she succumbed to her illness on 19th May 2023. The bill at the second clinic was only RM254.

We had already pledged to help Ms Ong with the treatment for Cash. Ms Ong says she can pay RM300 for the first clinic’s bill, so that leaves another RM500 from us. As for the second clinic, we will sponsor in full.

So, here is our aid for Cash’s final bills.

For the bill from the first clinic, Ms Ong will pay RM300 herself and we have provided an aid of RM500. The earlier RM300 deposit has already been fully sponsored by us too.
For the bill from the second clinic, we have sponsored in full, a total of RM254.

Our total aid for Cash’s final bills is therefore RM754. This aid comes from Ms Jasmine Ee (RM200), Avant Pet Sdn Bhd (RM200) and the AnimalCare reserve fund (RM354).

Ms Ong’s write-up:

We fully sympathise with the constraints that Ms Ong had to face in trying her best to help Cash and Milky. Her car is barely functional, the roads leading into her shelter are really bad. So she cannot use her car to ferry the dogs out. She has to depend on friends to help her.  And her friends normally send dogs to this first clinic, and that is why Milky and Cash were also sent there. Even when Ms Ong wanted to transfer Cash and Milky out to another clinic, again, there was a time and transport constraint. Ms Ong has to work every day at her burger stall and it’s daily earnings for her.

Now, luckily Fate has fully recovered and it’s just vaccinations that she needs to follow up with. WinWin still needs weekly check-ups but WinWin is being fostered by a paid fosterer (fully paid by Ms Ong) and not residing at the shelter, so ferrying WinWin from the fosterer’s house to this second vet is doable.