Updates on WinWin (from Survivor Shelter)

Ms Ong took WinWin for her weekly check-up today.

Everything is fine with WinWin except her blood PCV which hasn’t gone up. It is still the same as the last visit, at 22%.

WinWin has gained a little bit of weight (12.9kg now), has good appetite and good mobility.

The vet says this is beyond expectations, as the prognosis was not good at the beginning and we know that IMHA is very hard to treat.

The vet decided not to give the Darbepoeitin jab today and to decrease the Prednisolone dosage.

Until the next visit, WinWin is certainly a very happy dog.

Ms Ong is paying a fosterer to look after WinWin.

Today’s bill was RM68 and Ms Ong says she will take care of it herself.

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