Good morning, everyone!

The Monsters are obsessed about coming over to Bunny’s Place every morning!

So today, we had all our 15 indoor cats in Bunny’s Place!! And even Gerald joined them later.

My dear friend, Joy’s husband, gifted us three pots of serai and citronella. The cats love the serai! 

Cow Mau goes into the cages now. He takes the ground floor.

Indy absolutely loves his new “home” – the platforms!

Hello, Blondies!

Oh, I have not updated all of you on the Blondies’ litter-box training progress. I think we’ve reached the end of the tunnel and we finally see the light! It’s been a week of no peeing or pooping outside the litter boxes now. All three appear to be litter box trained!


As Lao Tze says: Nature never hurries. Yet everything is accomplished. 

It was just time that they needed.

Gerald never misses a chance to socialise.

Tabs at the other pot of serai, or whatever that’s left of it!

The meeting of old friends. Sorry, Samantha. We had to lower the platforms.

Indra and her saviour. The gratitude will be lifelong. Cats are not humans – they are better!

Misty is here too.

Yesterday, the Monsters had already gone up to all the platforms.

The million-dollar question: Can Samantha be friends with Misty?

Kai sure got me worried for the last few days.
She wasn’t very active, but she is today and she was interested in food again this morning. Phew!

I was about to make a vet’s appointment today but looks like it won’t be necessary anymore.

The best of the best – Cow Mau!

Gerald was making so much noise, I decided to let him come and join them in Bunny’s Place…

And he was very clever too. He went to the window upstairs as he knows that’s the way in.

Here’s Gerald!!

The Blondies really like him. Well, he’s their father, right?

A family photo.

I later took Gerald back to the porch…

…his other family awaits!

How lucky is Gerald? Everyone loves him!