Riley missing and the hero who found her!

Riley went missing this afternoon.

I thought I didn’t see her already this morning, but she definitely ate breakfast at 5am. Then, everyone went to Bunny’s Place to play and I was taking photos, and you’d notice that Riley did not appear in any of the photos taken this morning.

I thought she was just hiding and napping somewhere so I didn’t raise the alarm.

All morning, Jayden here and we were doing things.

Then by 1pm, some of the cats asked for a snack and I noticed that Riley had not appeared.

Then it dawned on me – Riley was missing.


The last time I panicked about Riley “missing” turned out to be that Riley wasn’t missing. She was just “somewhere” inside Ginger’s Catio. But I searched it multiple times, and I simply could not find her until she decided to appear.

This time, I searched the whole house again.

Multiple times.

Of course I searched Ginger’s Catio multiple times too, particular the spot where she appeared the last time she went “missing”.

I had practically turned the whole house upside down when Jayden woke up from his nap, so together with Jayden, we searched the whole house again.

I asked all the cats at Bunny’s Place if Riley was there, but nobody was interested. Everyone was napping and didn’t seemed bothered.

Tabs was slightly concerned, as she always is.

The most concerned were the Monsters. When I went out to search for Riley in Ginger’s Catio, the Monsters accompanied me each time. The Monsters are monsters but they are really very sweet monsters!

Finally, I concluded that Riley must have escaped through the front door again. So I went out to the porch and both Gerald and Misty were there. I asked them both to help me look for Riley and ask her to come home (the Japanese Method). I trust Gerald would help me.

Then I went to search in Bunny’s Place for the umpteenth time.

It was while I was at the Stargate that Smurfy came towards me, so I asked him if he had seen Riley.

Smurfy went to the vegetable pots and sat in front of it. He just sat there.

I knew he was trying to tell me something, so Jayden and I quickly went out to Ginger’s Catio again and looked under the vegetable pots. Smurfy was still sitting in the same position facing the vegetable pots.


Riley pushed her little head out.

There she is!!!

Thank you, Smurfy!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

Smurfy is our hero for today!!!!