Updates on Fate (from Survivor Shelter)

Here’s updates from Ms Ong:

All is well with Fate. She’s a happy little kitten with an occasional sneeze which could be due to some allergy. Ms Ong will be taking her for the first vaccination soon.

For new readers, Ms Ong’s Survivor Shelter is a dog shelter and home to 46 dogs. Fate was a kitten whom Ms Ong rescued by the roadside recently when she was on her way to her shelter in a friend’s car. Fate was found with mange on both ears and was having flu, but she has now already recovered. Fate does not live in the shelter because there are only dogs there, so Fate lives with Ms Ong in her apartment.

Fate and WinWin (the dog who is surviving IMHA) are our sponsored furry friends from Survivor Shelter.

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