Indy’s platforms are solid now

We realised that the new Stargate’s material was of a very much more inferior quality compared with our Stargate2 only when the platforms were installed and Indy refused to go all the way up.

When he jumped onto the platforms the whole gate shook.  So Indy never went all the way up. Only the kittens did because they are light.

I contacted the contractor who made this new Stargate, showed him videos of the quality of his gate compared to our old one and he then said “different company, different material”.

Oh well.

So I got Golden Triology to help me out and they did a marvelous job of installing a beam across this Stargate, thereby strengthening it. It isn’t Golden Triology’s responsibility, but they were willing to help me out. Thank you so much!

It worked wonders because Indy now goes all the way up!!

So solid even Jayden feels safe standing on it!

Thank goodness Golden Triology managed to think of a way to fix it for us. Otherwise it would have been a total waste. Thank you very much, Tony of Golden Triology!