Get well soon, Bro Mooi Chee Onn

We take a moment here to send our very best wishes and positive healing thoughts to a very dear friend and supporter of AnimalCare: Bro Mooi Chee Onn.

I just heard from friends this morning that Chee Onn has been diagnosed with late-stage cancer and will be undergoing treatment very soon.

Chee Onn designed our first tshirt, which is still our most popular and flagship tshirt up to this day. He was always so very patient, kind and generous during the days where we went to and fro with the designs. Chee Onn also helped us so many, many times in design matters after that. This also includes our many buntings for events – they were all designed by him too, along with Daniel Ngan.

The background to this website as are you reading this – the paw designs? These were also contributed by Chee Onn. He has helped us so much throughout the years and he did it all on his own time and had never charged us a single sen for all his time and work.

If you’d like to send Chee Onn a message, you may do so here:
It is a wishing wall created by the Buddhist Gem Fellowship.

For Buddhists, if you’d like to join in the Buddhist Gem Fellowship’s zoom meeting on 26th May at 4pm to send healing thoughts to Chee Onn, kindly contact me by email and I will send you the zoom link.

Chee Onn, we wish you a speedy recovery and strength and resilience to overcome this challenge. We still need your help, so don’t stay away for too long!!

Here are some photos of Chee Onn (he’s the big guy!) when he went with our trip to LLLF in 2009. We are all wearing the tshirt that Chee Onn and Daniel designed for us!

From left: Me, Daniel and Chee Onn.

Stay strong, Chee Onn!

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