Which country has more cats than humans?

Here’s the answer! https://www.instagram.com/reel/Crvrs6voeww/?igshid=NzJjY2FjNWJiZg%3D%3D

According to the post, one theory as to why there are so many cats is that St Helena shipped hundreds of cats from Egypt to Cyprus to chase out snakes from a monastery in 328 AD. Yikes! That’s not a good reason, but if that’s true, it’s already in the past.

What matters is that now, the people here welcome the presence of the cats and that’s huge!

A comment says most of the cats are neutered too. Look at the ear-notch in this photo!

What a wonderful country, to be so accepting of the cats!

On a personal basis, I hope street animals outnumber humans one day…and everyone will live in harmony with each other.