Elderly man dies saving pet dog from capture (more information)

There is more information here: https://www.thestar.com.my/news/nation/2023/05/26/elderly-man-dies-saving-pet-from-dog-catchers

According to a neighbour, Chan Poh Loong, 55, the incident happened at 5pm on Wednesday when a group of council dog catchers came to the housing area.

“The dog was inside the compound, but the gate was not locked.”

“The dog catchers went near the gate, and the dog came out,’’ said Chan.

He said Law was very attached to the dog, which he had raised since it was a puppy.

It was never allowed to wander around.

Apparently, the dog catchers had placed a noose around the dog, and when Law heard the commotion, he rushed out of his house and pleaded for it to be released.

“The dog catchers restrained the dog with the loop and pole and tried to drag it away, but Law held on to the pole, refusing to let go,’’ he said.

A struggle ensued, with the dog catchers also refusing to budge.

However, Law then collapsed and fell into a nearby drain.

An ambulance was called, but Law was pronounced dead by the paramedics who had tried to revive him.

As for the dog, Chan said, it was still at Law’s home, although its future was uncertain as Law’s children will return to their respective homes in other states after the funeral.

Law’s son declined to speak to the media, saying that the family wanted to be left alone.

When contacted, Bentong Municipal Council’s Public Health Department head Norizam Saad said the council had made a police report on the matter.

He declined to elaborate, saying he was currently away attending a course and had not received full information regarding the incident.