The Food Bowl Method for litter box training and the spray problem

Eventually, it was the Food Bowl Method that worked to stop the Blondies (specifically, Indra and Akira) from peeing and pooping outside the litter box or wherever they liked.

Kai was litter box trained even when they were upstairs. It was Akira and Indra who were the challenging ones.

But ever since I place food bowls (without any food) in all the places they liked to pee or poo onto, they have stopped doing it. Now, all three use the litter box!

SUCCESS!! Patience and time were what was needed.

So, after so long, two days ago, I decided to remove the two food bowls. The Blondies did not urinate in this favourite spot, but instead, Cow Mau sprayed on it.

Cow Mau, being alpha and male, has been spraying urine to mark territory all his life, so at 17 years old, it’s not easy to change old habits. Our super urine sprayers were Cow Mau, Bunny and Indy. All Super-Duper Alphas. Now, it’s actually mostly Cow Mau. Indy doesn’t spray as much anymore.

So, I have to put the food bowls back on this spot now to deter Cow Mau from spraying.

Here also.

This is also a Cow Mau spray spot.

Let’s hope this method works for Cow Mau too!

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