Greening the earth and more fans for the cats!

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time, and now, finally, it’s DONE!!

We now have solar panels on our roof to generate electricity for the entire household!

The panels were installed on Saturday when pandemonium broke out in the house with Riley going on panic mode and trying to escape. TNB came to change our meter this morning and so our house is now solar powered!

Green power!!

It’s doing our small bit to green the earth and reduce our carbon footprint….

AND so that we have no guilt turning on all the fans (or maybe even aircont) for the cats in all our zones. There’s Gerald and Misty in the porch (one fan in the porch for them), there’s Ginger’s Catio (one fan), there’s Bunny’s Place (two fans, one in the room and one in the pantry and there’s an aircont, if need be). And finally, there’s all of us in the house with Jayden, Riley and Tabs (normally two fans and aircont during the present hot season, if need be).

In every house we’ve stayed in, we have always had solar powered hot water. So now, it’s more solar panels to generate electricity for the entire house.

Cooling down now, using aircont without guilt!

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